Questions to Ask a Potential Pool Builder in Maryland


When searching for a pool builder in Maryland, you’re bound to have questions on the process of pool building and pool ownership. There are also questions you should ask that you might not be aware of, pertaining to some more specific aspects of the process. This guide will help you figure out the right questions to ask when searching for a pool contractor in Maryland, and enable you to find the best builder for your needs.


Questions to Ask a Potential Pool Builder in Maryland


Q. Are you licensed and insured? Do you have a fixed address?

A. This is the first question you should ask. The answer will vet out any shady or inexperienced contractors who may be looking for a quick job. Ask them to present their credentials to confirm that they are in fact licensed and insured, and visit their address in person for the same reason.

Q. How do you go about the design process?

A. A pool builder that engages you in the design process recognizes that you have goals for your pool that you want to be met. By engaging you in the design process, a pool builder is putting your satisfaction first. There may be some challenges in the design process such as difficult landscapes and terrain, but a good pool contractor will work with you, not against you, to make sure that the finished product meets your expectations.

Q. How do you distribute your work?

A. All pool contractors subcontract out some of their work, but the more work that is done in-house, the better. Ask the builder if the subcontractors they use are licensed and insured as well.

Q. Will I have a dedicated project manager?

A. Often, it can be difficult to get your questions and concerns addressed during a project due to the lack of a dedicated project manager. A good pool builder in Maryland will ensure that you have a dedicated project manager who is available to answer any questions you may have and keep you informed as to the status of the project.

Q. How long will the project take?

A. An estimate of the project’s completion time will help you plan your schedule accordingly.

Q. What is the payment process?

A. Our payment process is 10% winter deposit but when we are in season and moving fast we take 30% deposit.  The MD law is no more than 1/3 up front.  The bigger issue is at the end of the job, almost all pool contractors leave only $500 for the homeowner to hold as final payment after the water is in the pool.  Thats not much money and that’s why homeowners don’t have any leverage to hold pool builders accountable; we leave 10% of the whole job on the table until the homeowner’s whole job is finished and they are happy.  Big difference.

Q. Will I received instruction in pool maintenance and ownership?

A. Owning a pool is a lot of fun, but it also requires some work. A reputable pool builder in Maryland will train you in how to maintain your pool in order to extend its longevity and keep it safe.

Q. Can I talk to your previous customers?

A. Don’t sign anything or get started with work until you talk to previous customers. Talk to several to get multiple opinions. Good references are one of the most important criteria in choosing a pool builder.

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