How to Remove Snow from Your Pool Cover

remove snow from your pool cover

Snow can pile up and get heavy, potentially causing an issue for your pool cover.

Here in Maryland we get all types of winter weather, but the most common is wet, heavy snow that quickly turns into slush. As anyone who’s shoveled a driveway after an overnight snowstorm turns to slush by the morning can tell you, that stuff is heavy. Before you grab the shovel and hit the driveway, pick up the broom and head outback to clear off your pool cover. This vital piece of pool equipment is at serious risk if snow isn’t cleared off quickly, but you need to treat snow removal here differently than with other areas of your yard. Here are the tools and techniques you need to rescue your pool cover from that wintery mix.

The Tools

First and foremost, NEVER use a shovel to clear snow from your pool cover. The sharp edges of even a plastic shovel could damage your cover and turn a simple cleaning into a costly mess. Using a broom instead will help you get the snow off without risking the cover. If the snow is light enough, you could even use a leaf blower. Just be sure not to blow anything under the cover and into the pool, because you’ll have to deal with getting it out come spring.

The Technique

It’s important to get that snow off of your cover before it gets heavy enough to potentially cause a tear or pop out an anchor. Start by clearing off the easy to reach areas around the edges of the pool. Once that’s done, reach the broom as far towards the middle as you can and pull the snow from the center to the edges. Don’t try to push the snow across the pool since the weakest point of the cover is in the middle, furthest away from the anchors. Pushing the snow will essentially just add the most weight to the weakest point. Always work middle out, and try to clear the cover a few times during heavy snowfall, not after.

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