Salt Pool: The Basics

salt pool

Salt pools will help keep chemical costs down, and offer “softer” water that is easy on the eyes.

Salt pools seem to be all the rage these days. Wild claims about restoring youth, healing all ails, and making you rich are, unfortunately false. The good news it, even if you already have a traditionally chlorinated pool you can switch your system to salt. Before you decide, here are the basics of a salt pool.

They Still Use Chlorine

Despite what you might think, saltwater pools still use chlorine to stay clean. Instead of adding chlorine to the pool in the form of a liquid, tablet, or powder, a salt chlorine generator turns salt into chlorine to sanitize your pool. Also like a regular chlorine pool, it’s important to keep the water balanced to prevent things like cloudiness or algae blooms.


Electrolysis is the process of breaking a compound down into its parts by applying an electrical current to two metal plates, in the case of a salt pool’s chlorine generator. The exact science is pretty complicated, but what it means is that salt chlorine generators can recycle the disinfectants in your pool. Over the long term this means lower chemical costs.

What Are the Benefits?

Aside from lower chemical costs, the main draw to salt pools is that the water is “softer” and less likely to irritate eyes or skin. Salt water pools are generally lower maintenance than chlorine pools since the chemical levels are less prone to quick, drastic changes.

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