Spring Tips for Opening Your Pool – Part 2

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With pool remodeling services in Woodbine from Rhine Pools, you can make your pool look fresh again.


It sounds simple enough, but is so imperative for not only the safety of children – and adults – but also for local laws and regulations.  Check your gate or fencing to ensure that the latching/lock mechanisms are properly functioning.  If you have trees nearby, remove any fallen branches or other objects that may tempt children to climb on top of, and then perhaps over into the pool area.  

Ping Pong Balls!

Toss a handful of ping pong balls into your pool, in various spots throughout (corners/sides, center).  You want to be sure that they all find their ways to the skimmer, and if not, adjust your jets to alleviate any dead spots.

Open Early!

Open the pool early and get that water moving!  You can hold off on heating the water until the weather becomes more predictable, but in the interim, run the pump and circulate the water.  This will help reduce the build up of algae.

How to Store Your Winter Pool Cover

Once cleaned and dried, consider using a zippered storage bag.  Some are branded for pool cover use, but you want to find one that will minimize the chance of any little critters from entering and then chewing through it over the warmer months.

Another sound idea is to place it upright, in a plastic garbage can.  This allows another barrier of entry, but really to keep it out of the way, organized until the season’s end.

Stay tuned for our next post for additional tips and ideas on how to prepare your pool for the upcoming season!

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