Should You Choose Pavers or Stamped Concrete for Your Pool Patio?

Pool patios are a perfect way to add character and functionality to your pool. A large pool patio can serve as an outdoor dining area, a place to entertain, or a place just to relax. Your pool patio is completely customizable, so you can design it exactly to your tastes. From bold patterns and colors to an understated but inviting design, there’s no limit to what you can do with your pool’s patio.

However, the one choice that comes down to a basic “one or the other” dynamic with pool patios is the material from which they’re constructed. The two most popular and most commonly used pool patio materials are stamped concrete and concrete pavers. Both look great, and both have their own pros and cons. However, in Maryland and other climates that see cold winters, pavers are definitely the better choice. Learn why below.

Pool Patio Materials

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is concrete that is stamped with a custom stamp to make it look like stone. The stamps and colors are totally customizable, so you can essentially make it look like any stone you want, for a much more affordable price. It can even look like concrete pavers.


  • At between $12-$16/sq ft., stamped concrete is very affordable.
  • It is highly customizable and can imitate almost any stone.
  • Concrete sealer protects the patio from the elements and pool chemicals.


  • Concrete surfaces will crack sooner or later. Stamped concrete contractors install control joints to help the concrete crack in predetermined spots in order to make it easier to repair. However, this is no guarantee that the concrete won’t crack elsewhere.
  • Concrete needs to be resealed every few years. Sealer can be slippery unless an anti-skid agent is included.
  • There can be color variation if more than one truck of concrete is needed.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are concrete bricks that are laid brick by brick to create an aesthetically pleasing pattern. They are available in a number of sizes and colors. In terms of pricing, pavers can run from as cheap as $13/sq. ft. to as high as $65/sq. ft. In the end it’s highly dependent on your individual situation.


  • No cracking! If pavers are installed correctly, they won’t crack.
  • You can add on more pavers in the future if you want to make your patio bigger.
  • Pavers are not slippery if they’re not sealed, which they usually aren’t around a pool.


  • Customization options are available, but not as many as with stamped concrete.
  • Improper installation can result in settling.
  • Polymeric sand needs to be used and re-applied every few years to prevent grass and weeds from growing up between pavers.
  • There can be color variation between pavers.

Stamped Concrete or Pavers?


Both materials will make for a beautiful patio. However, with all the freeze thaw cycles we see in Maryland, pavers are by far the better choice for this area. We strongly recommend not to do stamped concrete in this climate.


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