Swimming Pool Safety Technology

pool safety technology

Keep your backyard safe with the most advanced pool safety technology.

If you have a swimming pool at your home, you’re thinking about getting one, or you’re having one installed, the question of safety has surely come up. You’d like to enjoy your pool with the piece of mind that every swimmer will be safe, but you can’t always keep an eye on everyone. Luckily, keeping swimmers safe is easier than ever with the help of technology. Employing the help of safety technology will help make you rest a little easier and make your pool safer.

Seal Swim Monitor

The Seal SwinSafe monitor is a band swimmers wear in the pool that alerts a hub when the band has been submerged past its designated time limit. The band can be set to four different swim levels. Non-swimmer sounds off as soon as the band is submerged. The beginner and recreational swimmer mode sends an alert after 20 seconds, while the advanced mode goes off after 45 seconds. The band also offers guard mode, which alarms the wearer the same way the hub does when a swimmer’s band goes off.

Pool Alarm System

Pool alarms come in three options: buoys, ground alarms, and door alarms. The buoy version floats on top of the water and sounds an alarm when someone enters the pool. Ground alarms sit on the edge of the pool and uses an electronic sensor to detect when someone enters the pool. Both units are intended to make pool owners aware of someone entering the pool, while door alarms work by letting you know someone has entered a pool room. The obvious downside to door alarms is that they work best for pools with enclosures.

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