It’s Almost Time to Open Your Pool! Are You Ready?

There are high temperatures in the mid- to upper-70’s this week, and we’re downright giddy, because that means it’s just about pool season! As the weather keeps trending in the right direction, pool owners throughout the region are getting eager to open up their pools for the summer. It might not be quite time to get started on opening up shop, but it’s never too early to make sure that you’re ready to do so when the time comes. Here are a few housekeeping items to make sure you’ve checked off your to-do list by the time spring rolls around for good.

time to open your pool

Before long it’ll be time to pull back that pool cover and get to work. Are you ready for pool season?

Assess Your Pool Season Preparedness

Take stock of all your cleaning and maintenance supplies that you may or may not have left over from last year, and restock where you’re short. This is also a good time to make sure that all of your tools and mechanisms are looking good so you can order replacement parts well in advance of actual opening day. In addition to supplies for the pool itself, remember that at Rhine Pools, your pool is just one part of your backyard living space. So take a second to think about any new additions that you might want to make to your backyard, anything that might need some fixing, and anything else that can add to your overall pool experience.

Post-Winter Pool Rehab Courtesy of Rhine Pools

A long, harsh winter can really take its toll on a pool and the surrounding areas. Keep in mind that Rhine Pools specializes not just in pool installation, but in pool remodeling and rehabilitation, and other backyard revitalization projects. Were you bothered by noisy or inefficient pumps last season? We can replace them. Is your pool’s finish feeling lackluster or out-of-date? No worries there either. Or maybe this is the year you start to tackle the cracked concrete on your pool deck and really start to pull together a vision for your backyard oasis. These are all manageable projects that Rhine Pools will be happy to help you with before you officially begin pool season.

Whatever attention your pool may need, we’re ready to work with you to turn your outdoor living space into something that’ll make you even more excited for the warmer months. If you’re ready to get started on a spring rehab project before it’s time to open your pool, please give us a call!

Trust Rhine Pools for Your Backyard Getaway

At Rhine Pools, we take pride in setting ourselves apart from your typical pool contractor. After seeing the way other pool contractors led their customers through the runaround, Jay Rhine wanted to give the people what they really wanted. Someone who will be with you, start to finish, and leave you with something better than you could have ever imagined. A new pool in Maryland that makes use of landscape architecture brings a lot more value, not just to your pool, but to your outdoor living and your home as a whole. Are you interested in learning more or getting started with your backyard oasis project? Contact us today to talk with us about what you want to do with your pool installation or remodel. Give us a call at 410.442.2445. Don’t forget to keep with us on FacebookGoogle+, and Twitter too!

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