Tips for Choosing a Pool Finish

pool finish

Your pool finish plays a critical role in the appearance of your pool.

Your pools finish plays two important parts in your pool. First, it’s the surface you interact with as you walk across the pool floor or brush against the sides. Second, it’s a big part of your pool’s style since it covers the entirety of the pool floor and sides. To help you decide what might be the best pool finish for your upcoming spring build, here are three of the most popular pool finishes available.


While plaster has the shortest lifespan of pool finishes, it can last quite a while when properly taken care of. There are a few options when it comes to color, but for the most part plaster is the least customizable option. The biggest advantage of a plaster finish is its price point.


Quartzite is made from tiny pieces of quartz, a mineral. The opaque nature of the mineral gives your pool a sparkling finish and the feeling of the crushed mineral gives the feeling of sand beneath your feet.

Pebble Tec

Made from pebble aggregate, Pebble Tec offers a unique and durable pool finish. Pebble Technology actually makes three versions of this pool finish:

Pebble Tec: In this version, larger pebbles are used in their entirety to comprise the pool finish.

Pebble Fina: On the other end of the spectrum, the smallest stones and crushed aggregate form the smoothest version of this product.

Pebble Sheen: Instead of crushing and aggregating the stones like Pebble Fina, Pebble Sheen uses small stones in their entirety to offer a look similar to Pebble Tec but with a more refined texture.

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