Tips for Keeping Your Outdoor Kitchen Spotless

outdoor kitchen

Keep your outdoor kitchen clean during the busy season to make sure everything keeps working properly.

As the sun starts to go down and the temperature finally starts falling, there’s no better place to be than behind the grill in a beautiful outdoor kitchen. If you’re like us, you probably find yourself outside making dinner on most weeknights, or cooking up something new for friends every weekend. If you outdoor kitchen gets more use than your indoor kitchen during the summer, you need to make sure you’re keeping it in top shape. Here are a few tips to help keep up with the extra demand put on your outdoor kitchen this summer.


A large number of people like going with natural materials for the counters in their outdoor kitchens to mimic their surroundings. Polished granite is your best bet, as it is easy to clean and won’t stain like other natural materials. Flagstone and bluestone are naturally pervious and can stain even if you seal them.


The most essential part of your outdoor kitchen, the grill is typically a pretty clean place since it’s used so often. Sometimes you need to go beyond just cleaning the grates and make sure the other parts of your grill are in proper working order. Check the valves, lines, and burners for any problem. If you have a gas grill, give those burners a clean every once in awhile to make sure they don’t get gunked up with grease.


The furniture you use for your outdoor kitchen probably isn’t as weather resistant as your patio furniture, but spends just as much time outside. You have three options, either purchase furniture specifically made to be left outside, find somewhere to store furniture made for indoors, or cover it with a waterproof covering.  Pool houses or other covered areas make great storage spots, but it can be a hassle to lug all that furniture back and forth. For those who invest in regular kitchen stools or chairs for their outdoor kitchen, the extra effort may be worth it. It you purchase furniture made to withstand the elements, you should still consider using a cover, since it will help prolong the life of your furniture.

Contact Rhine Pools for Outdoor Kitchen Installation

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