Unique Pool Design in Howard County

Looking for a pool builder in Howard County? You have plenty of choices. However, if you want something more than a pool builder, you might find that the Rhine Pools philosophy is what you’re after.


Any pool builder can install a pool in your backyard. But only Rhine Pools takes your pool and backyard and combines them into a unified whole. At Rhine Pools, we believe your pool can be more than just a pool. A pool is meant to be a part of an expertly landscaped and hardscaped backyard, a centerpiece around which we design a wholly unique home entertainment experience. And we’re not talking about the home entertainment system inside your house. We’re talking about the one outside in the fresh air that’s just waiting to come to fruition. Once your project is completed, you might find you spend more time outside than in.


So what makes our pools different? First, our attention to the pool itself. Our approach to pool aesthetics includes unique lines and features such as landscaping that blends into the pool. Slides, hot tubs, steps and wading areas can be incorporated into the surrounding area for a pool that feels more like a natural feature. Combine this with additional features like outdoor kitchens, patios, and pool houses, all of which are careful integrated into the overall design, and you can see what makes us different.


For the most unique pool experience available in Howard County, Rhine Pools is the pool builder and landscaper with the vision and experience to do the job. Check out a portfolio of our work here (link) to see how we can design your own private paradise right in your backyard.


Howard County pool builder


About Rhine Pools

RHINE Pools is a pool builder located in Howard County. We work throughout central Maryland and can handle every aspect of your pool design. We do not only install new pools and do pool renovations we are a part of one of the very best Landscape Companies in the state of Maryland.  Having this in-house power allows us to be your single source to build you the outdoor oasis of your dreams.  We believe that if you build a pool it needs to be an integrated center piece of your backyard and you should be able to build that center piece with a firm that understands all of the pieces of the puzzle and who will deliver on time and on budget. A portfolio of our work is available online.

If you have any questions about a new pool or about pool renovations, contact RHINE Pools by calling 410-442-2445 or clicking here today! Check us out on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and Pinterest as well!

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