What is a Sun Shelf?

sun shelf

A sun shelf is a great place to lounge in your pool.

While this winter wasn’t exactly typical for Maryland, you can bet that once summer hits we will have the characteristic humidity the Mid-Atlantic region is known for. There’s no better way to beat the heat than a nice dip in the pool, but sometime you want to sit and relax without leaving the cool water. If your spring build is fastly approaching or you have plans of building a pool in your yard sometime in the future, a popular and fun design trend you should consider is the sun shelf.

Advantages of a Sun Shelf

A sun shelf is simply a shallow platform in one corner of your pool that gives you the option to lounge without blowing up the floats, just dip your toes in, or play with the little ones in a safe spot. This is also a great way to catch some rays without being stuck in the unbearable heat. On the flip side, since the water is so shallow it will warm up faster than the rest of the pool, giving you a warm place to relax on those balmy summer mornings.

Sun Shelf Design      

Since a sun shelf is essentially just a raised portion of your pool floor, there are plenty of design options available. The size and shape of your sun shelf depends on the style and design of your pool, and the other features already included that you may need to work around. Some pools feature a small sun shelf that run the entire proximity of the pool so that swimmers have a place to rest and hang out. Working with a designer is the best way to determine how a sun shelf would work best in your pool.

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